I am available to give workshops on editing and effective writing. These generally run in Eastern Canada, since that’s where I live. That said, travel and remote workshops are also possible.Editing pen

There are currently 3 workshops in my repertoire:

The Art of Editing: Writing Correct, Clear, Compelling Prose
This workshop examines the most common errors writers make (AKA the 10 deadly writers’ sins), and explains how to elevate your writing through an effective and collaborative editing process.

How to Edit Fiction
This workshop helps you edit and evaluate your fiction, providing and explaining checklists to help you assess and improve it.

Write Right: How to Avoid Common Grammar Pitfalls
This workshop takes you on a quick tour of the most common mechanical errors writers make. Learn how to fix them, and how to impress with clear and unblemished prose.

It’s great to get paid for these workshops, but I’m happy to donate or discount them for public libraries or small nonprofit groups. They’re a gift to the writing community that gets my name out there.

To inquire about a workshop for your group, contact me.


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