This is a series of articles, presentations, and handouts I have created to help writers. These were originally created for my workshops, where they get thoroughly explained — along with lots of other useful information.

An Editing Manifesto
A call for ruthless clarity and concision.

How to Punctuate Dialogue
An explanation written up in dialogue.

A Checklist for Fiction Readers
Questions to ask helpful readers so you can improve your fiction.

A Checklist for Fiction Writers
Questions to ask yourself so you can improve your fiction.

A List of Common Grammar Pitfalls for Writers
A summarized list. These kinds of errors signal to your readers — including editors and other gatekeepers — that you don’t really know what you’re doing.

How to Avoid Common Grammar Pitfalls
A PowerPoint presentation. Learn how to fix the most common errors writers make, and how to impress with clear and unblemished prose.

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