Links & Other Projects

Symmetry is Overrated – a catch-all for creative things I’ve done. Giving its name to the site, Symmetry’s Overrated is an experimental one-panel comic that uses ‘inked’ photos. Watershed Blues is an extended ecology-themed graphic poem. Fortune Cookie Noir presents demented fortune cookie messages. There’s also various writings on topics like Indigenous resistance and escaping digital surveillance. It is possible to offended by some of the content.

The Leveller — A local newspaper that has published and helped me refine initial ideas for many of the things on this site. The Leveller seeks to “challenge power and privilege, siding with people over property. It is also democratic, meaning that it favours open discussion over silencing and secrecy.” As of September 2017, I’m now the Managing Editor of The Leveller.


Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Movement Ottawa — A volunteer collective for settlers interested in solidarity and decolonization. Our Basis of Unity explains in more detail what were about, but ‘supporting indigenous struggles for justice’ sums it up nicely. IPSMO also has an active Facebook page and Twitter account — because social media.


Compose Dream Games — My brother Joshua Kitz’s role-playing game company. It features Simple Superheroes, his RPG of “infinite powers and possibilities.” The game allows you to create your own superheroes (and villains) and play through adventure scenarios with friends. Over ten other Canadian RPG creators are part of the Compose Dream Games Marketplace.

David Kitz Productions — The website for my father David Kitz, Christian author and dramatist. His latest book is a novel, The Soldier Who Killed A King, a re-telling of the Passion story from the perspective of a Roman centurion in Jerusalem. There’s more books, audio recordings, and info on his one-man plays on the site.

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